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Online Giving

Welcome to Our Lady of Lourdes Online Giving. Online Giving is a convenient way to contribute weekly donations.

How you can contribute to online giving?

Instructions here. 1. Click the link on the left. “Click here to Donate Online” 2. To create a new account, Click on “Create New Account” 1. Insure you fill out all the required information. Note: If you are registered with another Chuch within San Berndardino you will not be able to utilize the same email address. 3. Once you are logged in you may select the contibution option by clicking “Give Now” on the contibution of your choice. 4. Configure Gift: 1. Enter the amount you wish to contribute. 2. Select whether it is One time or recurring 3. enter the start date 4. Click Conitue 5. Gift Information: 1. Select Payment Method (Bank Account or Credit Card) 2. Enter the required information 3. Click “Add Payment Method”

Online Giving

Click here to Donate Online If you need assistance with your Online Giving account, please call Our Sunday Visitor Customer Service at (800) 348-348- 2886. THANK YOU FOR YOUR DONTATIONS!
“We are empowered to be a sign of God’s love  in our families, neighborhood, and society.”
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church
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         Pandemic Information  
Sanitize your Hands Mask are not required, but do encourage to wear masks, IF health conditions exist, or as a personal choice, to ensure maximum safetly/pecaustions for all. We encourage you to stay home if you or a family member is ill.
Confessions: Saturday from 4:00 PM - 4:45 PM Holy Days: See Bulletin for details. Holy Hour: First Friday of the month after the 7:00 AM Mass for one hour Last Saturday of the month after  6:30 PM Mass
Online Giving