“We embrace the mission of Jesus and seek to build up the Body of Christ and to bring all the

people, all races, all ethnic groups into full union with Him.”

Music Minsitry/ Ministerio de Musica
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Updated: 10/2017
Music Director Ms. Lilaine Thomas (909) 983-1006 lt91763@aol.com Filipino Choir Director   Spanish Choir Director Mrs. Olga Galindo (909) 248-0851 Miguel.galindo5982@gmail.com  CORO “ENTRE SUS MANOS” Director  Mr. Eustacio Rodriguez (909) 625-9220  Eustacio1967@gmail.com    YOUNG ADULT CHOIR Director Elva Rojas (626) 664-0923 Elvagoku@hotmail.com Vietnamese Choir Director     Kieu Tren     (909) 342-2423
Our Lady of Lourdes