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Contact:  Grand Knight: Luis Garcia Please Call Office 626-277-2697
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Knight’s of Columbus What we provide Service : *Support the parish with its needs. * Help meet the needs of those in the local community. * Provide " food for families. * Aid victims of natural disasters and other catastrophic events, local and worldwide. Charity is the first principle of the Knights of Columbus. Knights are men who get things done. We volunteer our time to serve our parish and our communities. And by working together, we are able to donate more than 1.4 billion and 664 million volunteer hrs to worthy causes in the last decade Like us on our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Knightsofcolumbus7412/
Our Lady of Lourdes
Knights of Columbus      Representatives Grand Knight: (909) 626-7278 Deputy Grand Knight:           
Effective July 01, 2020